Alex Fratzl

PhD Student

Alex Fratzl was born in Vienna and went to highschool in Berlin. After carrying out his Bachelor studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies in Lausanne (EPFL), he specialised in neuroscience during his Masters. While a Masters student at EPFL, he performed his thesis work in Mark Andermann’s lab at Harvard Medical School. There he investigated the fine-scale functional logic of the convergence of retinal axons innervating the visual thalamus using calcium imaging in awake mice. In September 2017, he joined Sonja Hofer’s lab at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre as a PhD student.

In Sonja’s lab, Alex is studying the role of thalamic inhibition in thalamo-cortical networks as well as mechanisms of subcortical visuo-motor integration. Alex is using a combination of electrophysiological methods, including Neuropixel probes and anatomical tracing techniques, as AAV and rabies viruses, to investigate the function and structure of subcortical networks involved in visual processing.

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