Anna Lebedeva

PhD Student

Anna Lebedeva studies value-guided decision making in mice. This process is complex, and involves multiple brain regions, however the interplay between them is not very well understood. The aim of the research is to fit a behavioural model that explains the choices well, and then find correlates of the parameters of this model across the brain.  
Anna's previous work includes research projects at the VU University of Amsterdam, where she did electrophysiology recordings in mouse and human brain tissue; at University of California San Francisco, where she studied primary visual cortex plasticity in adult mice using calcium imaging. Her rotations as a PhD student at SWC include a project in the lab of Prof. Carandini and Prof. Harris using Neuropixels probes, a project in Dr. Bianco's lab using light-sheet imaging and a project in Dr. Branco's lab on innate behaviours. Her undergraduate research was conducted in the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at Moscow State University, where she focused on statistics and graph theory. 

Harris Lab