Danbee Kim

PhD Student

Danbee Kim is currently a PhD candidate in the 2013 cohort of the International Neuroscience Doctoral Programme, headquartered at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisboa, Portugal. They joined the Intelligent Systems Lab, under the supervision of Adam Kampff, in Sept 2013 and moved with the lab to the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour in London, UK in 2015. 

Danbee’s research combines studies of cuttlefish, the philosophy of science, Perceptual Control Theory, and the evolution of “the brain” throughout time and in many species. In collaboration with NeuroGears (neurogears.org), Danbee builds interactive art installations that both allow people to participate in field neuroscience experiments, and communicate science in fun and interesting ways. You can learn more at www.EveryMind.Online, or by visiting Danbee’s online open lab notebook at www.danbeekim.org/open-lab-notebook

Danbee research also involves the open science movement, public engagement, and creating better learning environments. They have been teaching at the Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning (www.appalachianinstitute.org/) since 2010, and hope to build their own school someday. 

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