Daniel Regester

PhD Student

Daniel moved to the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre as a PhD student after gaining his undergraduate MSci degree in Neuroscience from University College London. During his undergraduate study he developed a keen interest for how the brain carries out complex cognitive functions and behaviours. His first experimental work was in the Molecular Psychiatry lab looking at Genome-wide association data for schizophrenia in humans. In the following year he transitioned to animal work and carried out an internship in the lab of Kate Jeffery looking at the role of grid cells in rodent navigation. Finally, he carried out a funded internship position and subsequent final year project in the lab of Andrew MacAskill, where he used chemogenetic techniques and circuit tracing to investigate the role of the ventral hippocampus in exploratory and social behaviours.

At the SWC Daniel is continuing his interest in social behaviour in the lab of Yoh Isogai. He is focused on the precise neural circuit and computational mechanism that underlie the processing of social sensory information within the brain.