Emily Reader-Harris

Research Fellow

Emily's research aims to increase our understanding of the networks of neurons in the vestibular system which control balance and posture. She looks at the anatomy, physiology and behavioural output of vestibular networks in mice, in order to learn about the context-dependency of responses to vestibular stimuli.

Emily is interested in all aspects of motor control and the neuronal circuitry underlying motor systems. A detailed knowledge of the normal physiology of these systems is required to enable us to understand and ultimately treat neurodegenerative diseases and injuries which can afflict them.

She has previously studied the neural networks underlying walking in mice.  During her PhD at the University of St Andrews, she used electrophysiological recordings to investigate cholinergic and purinergic modulation of motor systems. She studied both the output of the whole network and properties of individual cells in order to understand how movement is altered to adapt to different situations. She then went on to complete a postdoc, also at the University of St Andrews, investigating the neural control of movement in zebrafish and how dopamine receptor activation during development affects zebrafish swimming, before joining the SWC in 2016.