Emmett Thompson

PhD Student

Emmett is interested in understanding how information is processed and choreographed by neural circuits into behaviour. Originally from the Gloucestershire countryside, Emmett has studied in London since 2014 where he completed an undergraduate master’s degree in neuroscience at University College London. During his undergraduate studies Emmett worked in Prof Ralph Stanewsky’s lab and Prof Kate Jeffery’s lab where he developed an interest in the computational structure of the nervous system. As a final year master’s student Emmett worked in Prof Michael Häusser’s Lab. Here he combined high resolution 2 photon calcium imaging with retrograde CTB labelling to investigating the functional role of long range motor, sensory and striatal projection cells from layer 2/3 barrel cortex. 

In September 2018 Emmett joined the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre as a PhD student where he will spend his first year rotating in different labs that align with his research interests. In 2019 Emmett will chose a supervisor and begin his PhD project.