Gordon Mills

Innovation and Research Engineer (Electronics)

A passion for music, but acknowledged lack of playing talent, led Gordon into the electronics industry, where he developed software and hardware for professional digital audio products. Finding the modelling of signal processing systems particularly satisfying he was inspired to study and acquire BA Mathematics. The advent of high-density programmable logic devices saw Gordon gain microarchitecture design skills which he then transferred to the semiconductor industry where he worked as an integrated circuit design engineer. Following this Gordon completed MSc Power Systems Engineering at UCL with a view to entering the renewable energy industry. Inspired by the teaching and research environment, he instead took up the post of Acoustics/Electronics Technician at the UCL Ear Institute where he developed software and electronics to support auditory neuroscience research. With a confirmed appetite for working alongside scientists in a research environment Gordon now brings his broad engineering expertise to the SWC. He is still learning to play the guitar.