Graeme  McPhillips

Research & Innovation Engineer

Graeme has a passion for finding creative solutions to challenging problems. He has wide experience as a design engineer in the fields of electronics and robotics and enjoys undertaking innovative design work within a research environment.

After completing an MSc in Electrical Engineering, Graeme worked at the University of Cape Town where he co-founded the Robotics and Agents Research Lab and led the first African team to a RoboCup World Cup competition. After joining UCL in 2009 he has worked in the Computer Science Department and at the SWC. Graeme has been involved in a wide variety of projects, including the design of: systems for swarms of autonomous quadcopters for use in rescue situations; a solar-powered charging system for Microsoft BLE navigation beacons to assist those with visual impairments; air pollution sensors and systems involving bespoke, miniaturised sensors used for the location, monitoring and activity tracking of subjects in a wide range of research projects including elite athlete performance, crowd behaviour analysis and animal behaviour analysis.