Grayson  Yin

Research Assistant

Qianbo (Grayson) Yin started his research interests in cognitive science while pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. He was interested in the complexity of human behavior in general and particularly dived into the cognitive level and using computation as a theory for cognition. He is particularly interested in theories that link the neural level, cognitive level, and behavioral level, including but not limited to cognitive architectures, reinforcement learning, and computational neuroscience.

After graduation, Grayson worked as a research assistant at Tsinghua University on brain-inspired computation with Prof. Luping Shi. He particularly worked on implementing spiking neural networks and artificial neural networks jointly and their novel implementations on neuromorphic chips. He also worked on developing realistic neuromorphic vision models using spiking neural networks. Grayson joined SWC in 2022 and will be working with Prof. Duan and Prof. Erlich. He is excited to get his hand dirty in the real behavioral data and also be able to continue exploring various computational models for the brain & mind.

Outside research, Grayson loves running, skiing, cycling, and lots of other sports. His recent goal is to resume running and finish a half marathon in the near future.