Yasmin Meyer

Research Assistant

Yasmin completed her undergraduate studies in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, during which she worked in Professor Chris Summerfield’s Lab on neural structure mapping in the parietal cortex. Using EEG, she investigated how learning is accompanied by the structural alignment of value representations with neural codes for the abstract concept of magnitude. Yasmin also completed a dissertation under the supervision of Professor Mark Walton on reinforcement learning models of basal ganglia function. 

In January 2020 she joined Marcus Stephenson-Jones’s lab at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre as a Research Assistant. In Marcus’s lab, Yasmin is studying the corticostriatal plasticity underlying learning in perceptual decision-making with an emphasis on the posterior ‘tail’ of the striatum (TS). This work aims to clarify how the genetically diverse neural populations in TS support learning and maintenance of stimulus-action associations. Yasmin is using a combination of electrophysiological and optical methods including fibre photometry, Neuropixel probes and tetrodes.