A centre for interdisciplinary collaboration on the brain

Forging and testing theories that explain the relationship between behaviour, neural computation and underlying circuit mechanisms is a complex problem that cannot be solved by any one laboratory. It requires the collaborative effort of multiple laboratories and a close integration of experiment, theory, data science and engineering. 

We are working to forge a new culture in which experimentalists, theorists and data scientists learn to speak the same language and ask the same questions, thus empowering the global endeavour to understand how the brain generates flexible behaviour. By developing new initiatives for interdisciplinary research that cut across laboratories, experimental methods and theoretical frameworks, we bring a wide-range of skills to bear on key research questions and on crucial breakthrough technologies. This includes both our researchers and the expertise of the teams who lead our core facilities and research platforms, all of whom work together to design experiments, tools and new ways of looking at data.

We also work closely with our theory partners at Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, the wider UCL Neuroscience community and UK and international neuroscientists, to answer the complex question of how the brain generates behaviour.