Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series (ENSS)

The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour (SWC) brings together world-leading scientists to investigate how brain circuits generate perception, form memories, and guide behaviour. 

The postdocs of the SWC invite aspiring leaders in neuroscience to present their research to the SWC community in London as part of our Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series (ENSS). 

Applications for ENSS 2024

Applications open until 5 August 2024!

This is an annual competition for postdocs from anywhere in the world to present and share their work with the London neuroscience community.

Selected applicants will be invited to give a formal seminar and discuss their work with SWC and UCL faculty and postdocs. Presentations will take place between October 2024 – March 2025. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered. 

Candidates should have a minimum of two years postdoctoral experience and should not have secured a faculty or group leader position at the time of application. Previous applications who were not selected are welcome to apply. 

Applicants will be judged solely on the quality of their scientific ideas and research projects in a double-blind manner. We do not request CVs, publication records or recommendation letters.

To apply, please fill in the Application Form, save your file as "Surname_ENSS_Application" in pdf format and send it to swc-postdoc@ucl.ac.uk with the subject "ENSS Application". 

Applications accepted until 5 August 2024. Four selected applications will be announced by mid September 2024. 

The SWC ENSS Committee 2024
Diksha Gupta
Kris Jensen
Mehran Ahmadlou
Sara Mederos
Shohei Furutachi
Tyler Boyd-Meredith

Speakers - 2023

The speakers of the 2023 Sainsbury Wellcome Centre Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series (ENSS) were:

  • Alice C. Mosberger, who presented: ‘Distinct aspects of spatial target reaches are learned and controlled through different sensorimotor areas’ on 14 December 2023
  • Hannah Payne, who presented: ‘A neural code for remote location during active vision in freely moving birds’ on 11 January 2024
  • P. Dylan Rich, who presented: ‘Dynamic neural representations in the hippocampus during flexible navigation’ on 1 February 2024
  • Tessa G. Montague, who presented: ‘The neural basis of cuttlefish camouflage’ on 14 March 2024

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Speakers - 2022

The speakers of the 2022 Sainsbury Wellcome Centre Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series (ENSS) were:

Speakers - 2021

The speakers of the 2021 Sainsbury Wellcome Centre Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series (ENSS) were:

Speakers - 2020

The speakers of the 2020 Sainsbury Wellcome Centre Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series (ENSS) were:

Speakers - 2019

The speakers of the 2019 Sainsbury Wellcome Centre Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series (ENSS) were:

  • Dr Mark Wagner, Luo Lab, Stanford University, "Neocortex-cerebellum dynamics during skill acquisition"
  • Dr Millie Rincón-Cortés, Grace Lab, University of Pittsburgh, "Stress and Postpartum Effects on the Female Dopamine System"
  • Dr Dhananjay Bambah-Mukku, Catherine Dulac Lab, Harvard University, "Molecular and cellular dissection of social behavior circuits in mice"
  • Dr Elizabeth Holly, Fuccillo Lab, University of Pennsylvania, "Dorsomedial striatal low-threshold spiking interneurons regulate goal-directed learning"

Speakers - 2018

The speakers of the inaugural Sainsbury Wellcome Centre Emerging Neuroscientists Seminar Series (ENSS) 2018 were: 

  • Dr. Graziana Gatto, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Goulding Lab. “Dissecting the spinal circuits for sensorimotor transformation”
  • Dr. Sabine Krabbe, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Lüthi Lab. “Adaptive disinhibitory gating by VIP interneurons permits associative learning”
  • Dr. Yoav Livneh, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Andermann/Lowell Labs. “Insular cortex selective processing of need-relevant cues via distinct hypothalamic circuits”
  • Dr. Alon Rubin, Weizmann Institute of Science, Ziv Lab. “Revealing neural correlates of behavior without behavioral measurements”