Funders & Governance

We are funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Wellcome. We are located within UCL and closely associated with the Faculties of Life Sciences and Brain Sciences

The Centre is overseen by the SWC Governing Board, on which the two funding partners and UCL are represented. The Board also benefits from the expertise of a number of internationally renowned neuroscientists with experience in operating world-class research institutes. The Board undertakes high-level approval of the Director’s scientific and non-scientific strategy and policies, and reviews and approves recruitment decisions for new Group Leaders and senior administrative staff. The Board also has fiscal oversight of the Centre’s operations.

The Governing Board voting members are:

  • Professor Barry Everitt, Chair
  • Professor Silvia Arber (University of Basel)
  • Wendy Becker (Logitech)
  • Professor Adrienne Fairhall (University of Washington)
  • Peter Hesketh (Gatsby Charitable Foundation)
  • Professor Tony Movshon (New York University)
  • Professor Stephanie Schorge (University College London)
  • Miranda Wolpert (Wellcome)

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides scientific input on the SWC's scientific strategy, and mentorship for SWC Group Leaders. They also advise on research culture and provide support and advice to the Executive Team. The SAB consists of:

  • Professor Gord Fishell, Chair (Harvard University)
  • Professor Yang Dan (Berkeley)
  • Professor Florian Engert (Harvard)
  • Professor Jonathan Pillow (Princeton)
  • Professor Botond Roska (Basel)
  • Professor Erin Schuman (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research)


Funders & UCL