SWC Alumni

A list of previous members of SWC including faculty, researchers and PhD alumni.


Name Position Years
Adam Kampff Group Leader (2015-2020)



Name Lab Role Years
Zara Allardyce Margrie Lab Research Technician (2016-2019)

Agatha Anet

Margrie Lab Research Assistant (2021)
Antonin Blot Hofer Lab Senior Research Fellow (2018-2020)
Ed Bracey Margrie Lab Research Fellow (2016-2018)

Sharbatanu Chatterjee

Akrami Lab Research Assistant (2019-2020)

Henry Dalgleish

Burgess, Barry & Cacucci Labs Research Fellow (2020-2021)

Dominic Evans

Branco Lab Research Fellow (2017-2019)
Ioana Gasler Hofer Lab Research Fellow (2018-2020)
Goncalo Lopes Kampff Lab Research Fellow (2017)

Andre Marques-Smith

Kampff Lab

Research Fellow 


Andre Marques-Smith

Hofer Lab Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2018-2020)

Yasmin Meyer

Stephenson-Jones Lab Research Assistant (2020-2021)
Joana Nogueira Kampff Lab Research Technician (2016-2019)
Zina Perova Branco Lab Marie Curie Fellow (2017-2018)
Maxime Rio Mrsic-Flogel Lab Senior Research Fellow (2018-2020)

Sandra Romero-Pinto

Stephenson-Jones Lab

Research Assistant



Vanessa Stempel Branco Lab Research Fellow (2016-2020)
Victoria Tung Murray Lab Research Fellow (2017-2021)

Adam Tyson

Margrie Lab Research Fellow (2018-2021)

Ruben Vale

Branco Lab Research Fellow (2019-2021)
Dulcie Vousden Hofer Lab Research Fellow (2018-2020)
Ruth Wood O'Keefe Lab MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow (2015-2021)
Petr Znamenskiy Mrsic-Flogel Lab Senior Research Fellow (2018-2020)


PhD students

Name Lab Years Destination
Lorenza Calcaterra Kampff Lab 2017-2021 SWC
Alex Fratzl Hofer Lab 2017-2022 Postdoc, Roska Lab, Basel
Jesse Geerts Burgess Lab 2016-2021 Burgess Lab
Francesca Greenstreet Stephenson-Jones Lab 2017-2022 Stephenson-Jones Lab
Mitra Javadzadeh No Hofer Lab 2018-2021 Hofer Lab
Stephen Lenzi Margrie Lab 2016-2021 Margrie Lab
Matthew Phillips Branco Lab 2016-2022 Learney