SWC PhD course syllabi

During their first term at SWC, PhD students participate in Bootcamp – No Black Boxes, the lecture series Systems Neuroscience and Theoretical Neuroscience, and the practical course Experimental Neuroscience. In term two and beyond, many SWC students also audit Neuroinformatics and the various courses taught by the Gatsby.

Systems Neuroscience and Theoretical Neuroscience

Systems foundations

  • Introduction to systems basics and theoretical neuroscience - Latham, Peter
  • Biophysics - Latham, Peter
  • Measuring activity in neurons - Otis, Tom
  • Voltage-gated channels - Branco, Tiago
  • Synaptic transmission and plasticity - Margrie, Troy
  • Dendritic integration - Schaefer, Andreas

Sensory systems

  • Principles of sensory systems - Mrsic-Flogel, Thomas
  • Organisation of cellular circuits - Mrsic-Flogel, Thomas
  • Perception as signal processing - Sahani, Maneesh
  • Perception as inference - Sahani, Maneesh
  • Abstract representation in sensory systems - Burgess, Neil
  • Influence of behaviour and context on sensory processing - Hofer, Sonja

Action systems

  • Overview and open loop - Latham, Peter
  • Basal ganglia and sequence learning - Stephenson-Jones, Marcus
  • Cerebellum - Otis, Tom
  • Dynamical systems/closed-loop planning- Sahani, Maneesh
  • Decision-making I: from sensation to action- Hofer, Sonja
  • Whole-brain dissection of motor planning- Duan, C. Ann

Social and affective systems

  • Introduction to social and affective systems - Isogai, Yoh
  • Neural circuits underlying innate behaviours - Isogai, Yoh
  • Limbic system - OKeefe, John
  • Hippocampus - OKeefe, John
  • Hypothalamus I - Oettl, Lennart
  • Hypothalamus II - Mazuski, Cristina
  • Animal models of multi-player games- Duan, C. Ann

Cognitive systems, decision-making, and learning

  • Decision-making II: evidence integration- Latham, Peter
  • Decision-making III: neuroeconomics- Erlich, Jeffrey
  • Reinforcement learning basics - Stephenson-Jones, Marcus
  • Neuromodulation - Stephenson-Jones, Marcus
  • Deep learning - Saxe, Andrew
  • Behavioural flexibility - Behrens, Timothy
  • Working  memory - Akrami, Athena
  • Memory engrams - Erlich, Jeffrey

Experimental Neuroscience


Optics and microscopy

Analysing innate behaviour

Bonsai and Psychophysics

A student working on an optical setup