Fun Neuroscience Videos for School Students

Watch our fun neuroscience videos in your classroom and school science clubs.

Videos about neuroscience research at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

How does the brain allow us to think, feel, see, smell, hear, laugh and love? By bringing together world-leading experimental and computational neuroscientists, the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre's mission is to explain how activity in brain circuits gives rise to thoughts, sensations, memories and actions.


This video describes what neural circuits are, some of the techniques we use at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre to try to understand them, and our collaboration with the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit.

Videos of scientists and PhD students sharing their advice, tips and thoughts on big questions in neuroscience

Researchers give advice to people interested in neuroscience.


Neuroscientists outline how studying neuroscience has changed their lives and what tips and brain hacks they'd recommend.


We asked neuroscientists what superpower they would like for research.


Neuroscientists outline their views on whether we have free will.


We asked neuroscientists what they think the future holds for neuroscience.

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