Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) leverage neural activity to control external effectors – from cursors on two-dimensional screens to artificial limbs with many degrees of freedom. Best known for their use in neuroprosthetics, BMIs provide a powerful tool for basic neurobiological research by enabling experimental control over otherwise inaccessible neural and behavioural parameters.

We are excited to announce a student-organised full-day symposium titled Neural Interfaces for Neurobiological Insights to learn about and discuss how BMIs can help us understand the possibilities and constraints of neural function.

The symposium will be hosted on Crowdcast. 

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9:45-10:00          Intro

10:00-10:50        Juan Gallego, Imperial College London

10:50-11:10         BIOS

11:10-12:00         Tamar Makin and Danielle Clode, UCL


12:40-13:30        Kelly Clancy, DeepMind

13:30-13:50        Dan Wetmore, Facebook Reality Labs

13:50-14:50        PhD Student talks

14:50-15:40        Aaron Batista, University of Pittsburgh


16:00-16:50        Amy Orsborn, University of Washington

16:50-17:10         icibici

17:10-18:00         Edward Chang, University of California, San Francisco

18:00-18:10        Closing remarks

*all timings in BST (UTC+1)

SWC/Gatsby Systems Seminars Team

The Systems Seminars series is organized jointly by PhD students of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour and the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit of UCL. We host an annual discussion-based event which aims to bring together neuroscience researchers from the UK and abroad to engage with current and future problems in neuroscience.