In partnership with the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre in London, the event will bring the BNA’s unique pool of talent to potential employers and organisations, helping talent acquirers identify and connect with up to 80 talented, logical thinkers who are trained in neuroscience and ready to pursue pathways in neuroscience research and beyond.

We know that our early career and student members are keen to know more about careers, and to have opportunities to network with people in academia, industry and beyond, the ‘BNA Neuroscience Careers and Talent Recruitment Fair’ is thus designed to meet our members' needs and to provide a unique pool of talent for potential employers.

Delegates will have the opportunity to book meetings with representatives of up to 10 organisations from across the breadth of the sector, and exchange knowledge on CV's, interview techniques, and more. The representatives will receive the delegates CV ahead of time.

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This meeting is FREE to attend, but limited to BNA members only. To join the BNA, please click here: Membership of the British Neuroscience Association | The British Neuroscience Association (