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4 brilliant international academics will unveil the neurobiology and psychology behind various types of love and how love shapes our lives

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“All you need is love”, says the iconic song by British band The Beatles. Indeed, love is truly a hallmark of our highly-sociable species: it is of primary importance at the formative, interpersonal and evolutionary levels. The UK conference of the Emotions tour, is organized in collaboration between BrainCircle ItaliaSainsbury Wellcome Centre (University College London), and BrainCircle UK, will examine the neurobiology and psychology underpinning various types of love, and the way love shapes our lives. Four world-renowned researchers will speak on the neural basis of love and social attachment, including passion for another person, whether reciprocated or not; the emergence of the social brain during our adolescent years; and the biology that drives our maternal and paternal behaviour.

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