Are reproducibility and REF incompatible enemies? Or best friends?

We all know that REF2021 is nipping at our heels, and with it comes demands for research that embodies excellence and impact. The reproducibility movement also calls for excellent research – but one that is founded on open, reproducible and credible science practices, and the end to using publication metrics, such as Impact Factor, in evaluation.

The question is, how can researchers meet these seemingly opposed demands?

To help shed some light, the BNA invite Fellows and Senior Academics to attend this lunchtime Q&A event 'Never the twain shall meet?'

The session, chaired by BNA's President-Elect, Professor Rik Henson, an advocate of Open Science practices, includes talks from Professor Marcus MunafòChair of the UK reproducibility Steering Group, and Dr Helena Mills, Head of REF Policy at Research England.

An event not to miss – to register your attendance click here.