Collective behaviour has the potential for leading to collective intelligence as well as to collective stupidity. In our research we explore the conditions under which these phenomena occur. In particular we investigate how animals make decisions in groups and how principles of such decision-making processes can be used in selected areas for applications in human societies. 

A sailfish hunting sardines

A sailfish hunting sardines 


Jens Krause is a behavioural biologist with a strong interest in collective behaviour and social networks. He has published a number of books (Living in Groups, OUP; Fish Cognition and Behavior, Wiley/Blackwells; Exploring Animal Social Networks, PUP; Animal Social Networks, OUP) and articles on the mechanisms and functions of living in groups.

He is currently a research professor in the Faculty of Life Science at the Humboldt University Berlin and also serves on the Executive Board of the Research Cluster “Science of Intelligence” at the Technical University Berlin. He started his university education at the Free University Berlin and obtained his PhD from St. John’s College Cambridge, UK, followed by postdocs at Mount Allison University, Canada, and Princeton University, USA, and held a professorship for behavioural ecology at Leeds University, UK, for several years before moving back to Berlin in 2009. 

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