Monday 8 April  to Tuesday 9 April 2019 

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In the 1940’s Kenneth Craik postulated that thought serves to model, or parallels, reality much as a computing device does. This idea, that the brain functions by developing a generative model of the environment, is nearly as old as neuroscience. This workshop aims to take stock of current progress and future directions in this field. We will do this by bringing together experts who are investigating neural implementations of predictive processing, inspired by both experimental and theoretical data, across different brain systems. We hope to foster discussions, identify avenues for future research and inspire cross disciplinary collaborations.

Organisers: Ray Dolan, Georg Keller & Sonja Hofer

Matthew Botvinik
Christine Constantinople
Kathleen Cullen 
Floris de Lange
Sophie Deneve
Jeffrey Gavornik
Adam Hantman
Alla Karpova
Angela Langdon 
Mate Lengyel 
Rajesh Rao
Nathalie Rochefort
David Schneider
Goeffrey Schoenbaum
Reza Shadmehr
Michael Spratling 
Marcus Stephenson-Jones
Naoshige Uchida
Melissa Warden