About this event

The 2023 UCL NeuroAI Annual Conference features leading speakers from around the world at the cutting edge of machine learning and neuroscience. The rise of AI has gathered pace in recent years and will continue to fundamentally change our ways of life. This flagship NeuroAI event aims to foster collaboration and discussion between machine learning researchers and neuroscientists.

About NeuroAI

The last decade has seen phenomenal advances in the fields of machine learning (e.g. deep learning, reinforcement learning, and AI). While these changes have already had considerable impact on most areas of science they hold a particular resonance for neuroscience.

Crucially, AI shares a common lineage with neuroscience and fundamentally machine learning and the brain employ similar computations to process and compress information. For these reasons AI provides a means to emulate neural functions and the circuits supporting them, providing insights to aid our understanding of the brain and cognition.

Equally, AI tools provide a means to discover, segment, and track distinct neural and behavioural states - yielding more efficient experiments and accelerating the pace of discovery. In turn, this understanding feeds back into the design of more effective AI architectures and models. Essentially, AI problems posed in neuroscience both require and inspire further advances in AI.


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