George Dimitriadis

Senior Research Fellow

George Dimitriadis works on transforming neuroscientific research from a fully descriptive to a first principles discipline. At the moment he is approaching this goal by blowing up the number of recording dimensions in electrophysiological experiments. In these setups, freely behaving rats interact with a complex environment and with each other in naturalistically relevant ways and with minimal limitations, while one of them has more than 1000 of its neurons in different brain regions recorded from. The aim of this research is to build the required tools⁠—both hardware and analysis methodologiesthat can make full brain recordings of intelligent behaviour possible (the kind that modern AI cannot replicate) and to offer the neuroscience community data rich enough to actually make the conceptual leap from tuning curves to computational principles and thus the elucidation of the first principles of intelligence possible (or at the very least offer the theoreticians proposing such principles both a decent data base onto which to test their theories).