Huma  Erboru

Research Technician

After completing a BA in Psychology at Bogazici University (Istanbul/Turkey), I moved to London for my first year of Dual Master’s in Brain and Mind Sciences at UCL, where I investigated cortical network activity with 2-photon imaging in a model of Alzheimer’s Disease in Marc Busche’s lab. During my degree, I also worked as a part-time research assistant here at SWC, performing behavioural experiments at the Murray lab. After finishing the second year of my master’s program at Sorbonne University in Paris, France, where I investigated the influence of environmental and social factors on the plasticity of the neural circuitry underlying social recognition memory in the Piskorowski/Chevaleyre lab, I came back to SWC as a research technician at the Duan Lab, to perform behavioural tasks to study the social components of value-based decision making.

As a next step, I would like to delve more into the neural circuitry and networks underpinning social cognition, with a focus on mental health conditions, examining this phenomenon from algorithmic and behavioural perspectives.