Ivana Orsolic

Research Fellow

Our behaviour is continuously driven by sensory information that is perceived and processed in the context of prior knowledge and used to guide motor actions with which we interact with the world. Such sensorimotor transformations are the product of concerted interactions of multiple brain areas and are often studied in the context of perceptual decision-making. 

Ivana Orsolic got her PhD at University of Basel where she was studying spatio-temporal organisation of sensorimotor transformations in dorsal cortex. In the Mrsic-Flogel Lab at SWC Ivana continues studying distributed processes of decision-making where she is combining longitudinal two-photon imaging with visually guided behaviours. Ivana aims to resolve complex decision-making processes in different brain-wide communication channels of rodent frontal cortex using optogenetics, stochastic visual stimuli and task manipulations.