Marius   Bauza

Senior Research Fellow

Marius Bauza is a postdoctoral fellow in O’Keefe group. He has a background in physics and engineering and for the last several years has used his expertise to study how the brain works. He takes part in developing, testing and using Neuropixels silicon probes. These high-density probes can record neural activity from an unprecedented number of cells and could potentially open a new era of chronic and acute electrophysiology recordings from awake animals. Marius has already used these probes to show that grid cell pattern is more local than previously thought. Patterns of simultaneously recorded grids deform in sync, suggesting that the grid cell system could still act as a universal spatial metric. He is actively participating in studying the neural basis of spatial cognition in the hippocampal and parahippocampal formations. In addition, he is participating in other cutting edge research projects, such as the Honeycomb Maze behavioural test platform. Marius enjoys mentoring his colleagues and is a semi-professional rock climber.