Peter  Gordon

Microscopy Specialist

Peter joined the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre in May 2021, working along with Rob Campbell in the Advanced Imaging Facility. He obtained his BSc Hons in Immunology and Pharmacology from the University of Strathclyde and PhD in Immunology from the University of Glasgow, working on genetically engineering immune cells to infiltrate and treat atherosclerotic plaques. Following on in a similar vein, Peter then went on to work at the University of Aberdeen using genetically modified immune cells a therapy for renal disease, before moving to London in 2015. Peter started as a post-doc in Prof Tony Ng’s lab, initially elucidating the role between breast cancer metastasis and particular immune cell subsets, but his work quickly changed to be entirely focused on imaging and technique development. Here he implemented a range of imaging modalities to develop tissue clearing and imaging of whole organs, organoids, spheroids, super-resolution imaging of immune cells and developed a novel spheroid/immune cell coculture system for use in drug screening.