Sarah  Olesen

PhD Student

Sarah has a broad interest in understanding the circuits underlying learning and decision-making. She is currently in her first year on the SWC PhD programme, where she will rotate in different labs in line with these research interests. 

Sarah began her studies with a focus on molecular biology, with a BSc in biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen, and an undergraduate dissertation investigating the molecular expression of plasticity related proteins in the dorsal striatum of the mouse brain in the lab of Dr Ulrik Gether. After graduating she moved to the UK to further pursue neuroscience. There she undertook a six-month internship at Cambridge University in Prof Trevor Robbins’ lab, where she investigated the role of serotonin receptors in the cognitive flexibility of rats using behavioural assays and pharmacological manipulations. 

Finally, in 2017 she began her MSc in Neuroscience at University College London and did her master thesis work in Dr Tiago Branco’s lab, based at the SWC. For this research project she carried out single-cell RNA sequencing to molecularly characterize neurons involved in circuits necessary for innate defensive behaviours.