Shanice  Bailey

PhD Student

Shanice transitioned from her undergraduate background in biomedical science to systems neuroscience through technician positions. Her master’s degree in Neuroscience at University College London, further honed her interests to the neural circuit basis of innate social behaviours. During this programme, supervised by Dr Catherine Perrodin, she sought to probe the role of the auditory cortex for the perception of male courtship vocalisations in female mice using chemogenetics.  

After graduating, Shanice went on to work as research assistant with Drosophila Connectomics at the University of Cambridge, where she reconstructed neuronal wiring diagrams guiding sexual behaviour in the female fruit fly using electron microscopy datasets and computational tools.  

Shanice joined the SWC PhD programme in 2020, and will continue to pursue her interest in the neural underpinnings of instinctive social behaviours as part of the Isogai lab. Additionally, she is passionate about outreach, particularly making science accessible to those from underrepresented backgrounds.