Simon  Townsend

Scientific Instrument Maker

Simon joined the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre FabLab team in 2019, where his role is Scientific Instrument maker. He brings with him knowledge of additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques and engineering design.

As part of the FabLab team Simon also contributes to the safe running and training of SWC stafff in our 24hr MakerSpace facility.

Prior to joining the SWC he spent 14 years honing his skills at UCL in the Department of Anatomy (2005-2010) and the Division of Bioscience (2010-2019). During his time at UCL he has designed and produced scientific instrumentation and behavioral equipment to further scientific research in the fields of Cell and Developmental Biology, Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology and for the Ear Institute at Royal Veterinary College.

Simon looks forward to the new challenges at the SWC.