Viktor  Plattner

Senior Research Fellow

Viktor graduated with a degree in biology in 2011 in Budapest. During his first year at university he joined László Acsády's Laboratory for Thalamus Research where he examined the driver terminal distribution in the higher order somatosensory thalamus of rodents. As a PhD student, he studied the in vivo electrophysiological properties and behaviour-related effects of an ascending glycinergic inhibitory pathway originating in the brainstem and targeting the intralaminar thalamic nuclei.

Currently he is interested in the neural network representation of the environment and how previous experiences, personality and inner state alter perception. Besides his professional interest, he is also curious about human behaviour on the individual level and its changes in small and large groups. When he is outside of the lab, he enjoys going for a hike, B&W photography, bouldering and watching ballet.