Yu Lin  Tan

PhD Student

Yu Lin is interested in understanding how input-output transformations of individual neurons feed into their roles at the circuit – and ultimately behaviour  level.

She was born in Singapore and completed her BA in Cells and Systems Biology at the University of Oxford. Her undergraduate thesis work was done in Dr Edward Mann’s lab, on the role of dendritic-targeting interneurons in hippocampal gamma oscillations using slice electrophysiology and optogenetics. She then worked as a research officer in Dr Fu Yu’s lab at the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium. Her research there focused on lateral hypothalamus-projecting neurons in the parabrachial nucleus, where she detailed their connectivity using viral tracers, characterised their activity patterns with fibre photometry in awake mice and explored their role in food intake using chemo- and optogenetic manipulations in vivo.

Yu Lin joined the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre as a PhD student in 2018, and will be on lab rotations before joining a lab for her PhD project.