Zane  Mitrevica

PhD Student

Born and raised in Latvia, Zane joined the SWC PhD Programme in September 2019.

Prior to starting at the SWC, Zane completed an MSci Neuroscience degree at University College London. Through her undergraduate studies she developed a strong interest in the single neuron and circuit principles behind animal behaviour, being particularly fascinated with highly conserved non-cortical structures. These specific interests were initially shaped by her work with Dr Gregory Jefferis on aversive olfactory integration in fruit flies as part of the Amgen Scholars Programme. Later Zane worked Professor Michael Hausser's lab, combining optogenetics and ex-vivo patch-clamp to study the interplay between cerebellar and neocortical inputs in the mouse motor thalamus. Besides research, Zane is passionate about science engagement, having presented her work in the UK Parliament and led an interactive stall at the UCL Neuroscience Festival.