Nicole  Vissers

PhD Student

Nicole joined the SWC PhD programme in September 2020. She received her bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences from the Vrije University of Amsterdam and double master's degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences from the University of Amsterdam and Vrije University of Amsterdam. During these degrees she worked in various labs in the Netherlands where she worked with a variety of techniques, such as DREADDs, in vivo GRIN lens 2 photon calcium imaging and patch clamping. Because of her interest in long-range projecting inhibitory neurons, she also studied the graph theoretical explanation of the inhibitory neuron network development in the brain.

Nicole is mainly interested in inhibition, plasticity, perception, and dynamical/complex systems. She is currently pursuing her PhD in the Hofer Lab, where she works on the role of the various inhibitory neurons in the vLGN in escape behaviour. Nicole is also passionate about philosophy, science education and communication.