Neuroscience Career Profiles

To celebrate Biology Week, our researchers took part in the #IAmABiologist campaign by sharing photos of themselves in action and their career trajectory to highlight the breadth of roles you can do working in bioscience. 

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Meet Alice, PhD Student at SWC

"I really enjoyed my Psychology class in high school, fascinated by the number of unanswered questions in the field. I took a gap year before university and took psychology classes at my local university. Learning about intriguing cases like that of Phineas Gage, I was hooked," Alice Koltchev. 

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Find out more about Alice Koltchev and work in the Hofer Lab.


Meet Dammy, PhD Student at SWC

"I went to a grammar school in Dartford, taking GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Philosophy. I then was in the IB programme, studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Philosophy, French, and English (my favourite). I then came to UCL for a Master’s in Neuroscience before joining SWC," Dammy Onih.

Download Dammy's #IAmABiologist poster

Found out more about Dammy Onih and work in the Akrami Lab.


Meet Loukia, Senior Research Fellow at SWC

"During my undergraduate and PhD days in Athens, I had opportunities to be exposed to many disciplines such as Immunology, Cancer, Proteomics. Collaboration in the institute was highly encouraged. I was fascinated with neuroimmunology, and I wanted to understand why neurons start to die when for example microglia, the brain’s innate immune cells, go awry," Loukia Katsouri.

Download Loukia's #IAmABiologist poster

Found out more about Loukia Katsouri and work in the O'Keefe Lab.


Meet Tom, PhD Student at SWC

"I like being a PhD student because I can learn many different skills that could be useful down the line - all while applying what I've learned to the areas of neuroscience that interest me. I look forward to keep learning skills that could translate in unexpected way in the future," Tom Hagley.

Download Tom's #IAmABiologist poster

Found out more about Tom Hagley and PhDs in neuroscience


Meet Nicole, PhD Student at SWC


Meet Peter, Microscopy Specialist at SWC


Meet Jessica, Histology Research Scientist at SWC


Meet Benjamin and Sanna, PhD Student and Research Assistant at SWC

Lewis and Sanna #ImABiologist quote
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